Lettuce SFP Chip Project

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Development and Exploitation of a Lettuce (Lactuca sativa) 6.6 Million Feature Affymetrix GeneChip for Massively Parallel Genotyping and Gene Expression Analysis

We have designed an Affymetrix high density GeneChip® microarray to detect single feature polymorphisms (SFPs) in more than 35,000 lettuce genes. Genetic diversity will be measured by screening 50 genetically diverse breeding lines and our L. sativa cv Salinas × L. serriola RIL mapping population. A high density genetic map will identify linkages between DNA markers in genes and disease and agronomic traits. Information will be displayed in an interactive database and linked to our current genetic maps.

This high density GeneChip® will also enable several subsequent studies, including studies of gene expression and function in other Compositae species as well such as sunflower.

Funding - Partners

UC Discovery Grant
Rijk Zwaan B.V. Enza Zaden Vilmorin

Lettuce GeneChip Hybridized
Lettuce GeneChip

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Authors: Hans van Leeuwen, Hamid Ashrafi, Sebastian Reyes Chin-Wo

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