Lettuce SFP Chip Project

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Contig Viewer
Information about the contig assembly that was used for the Lettuce GeneChip design. It will display the contig assembly graphically.

Information about the experiments done so far, and the available data in the LettuceChip database
  • Chip Content
    Information about the different types of probes on the lettuce chip.

  • Experiment Info
    Retrieve detailed information for all lettuce chip project experiments from the test phase (N/A at this time), the RIL Population (N/A at this time), the Diversity Panel (Including raw and processed CEL files).

  • Hybridization Signal (Native-Alien Probeset Assembly)
    Retrieve hybridization signal (raw .CEL values or RMA background corrected values) and Affymetrix SD values of lettuce probes (TI; tiling) from the experiments available in the database.

  • Native-Alien Probeset Assembly are not available now!

  • Probe Data
    Retrieve characteristics of the probes on the lettuce chip.

Contact information
Send Email to Hamid Ashrafi
Authors: Hans van Leeuwen, Hamid Ashrafi, Sebastian Reyes Chin-Wo

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